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Friday, April 20, 2012

Steve Garvey JHS

Steve Garvey was a great player.  He was known for his play on the (ugh...) Dodgers, but one of his most famous home runs (at least for Padre fans) came in 1984 against the Cubs that sent the Padres to their first World Series.  A very important hit in the history of the franchise, but is it enough to look past the fact that he spent more than a decade (14 years) on the rival Dodgers?

For most people it is.  I'm one of them.  Now that the group fronted by Earvin Johnson (yeah, we're on a first name basis) has bought the Dodgers, rumor has it that Steve Garvey may be interested in doing something similar for the good guys.  I personally wouldn't care if a group led by Jessica Simpson, John Rocker, and Fidel Castro bought the Padres, if it meant that they'd have money to get some good players/keep the good players that they'd developed.

This isn't an original 1985 Topps card, but a reprint from last years Topps set, celebrating their 60th anniversary.  Oh, if you live in Lindsay, CA (about 300 miles north of Petco Park), you have probably driven past Steve Garvey Junior High School.  Padre fans up there???  Probably not...

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