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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cards from 1992: Pinnacle

Just updated the wants section to include some needs from the 1992 Pinnacle set.  I loved these cards when I was a kid.  Something about the black border made it seem so cool.  I learned later the benefits of having a card with a white border; the wear didn't show as much.  Needless to say, the ones that I still have from when I was eight are beat up pretty good, but I found a box of Series One on eBay for a decent price, so I snatched it up.

I don't think (right now) that I'm much of a set builder, more of a team set collector.  It's a little easier to build sets from the 90's, since they're a little cheaper now, so if I see a good deal somewhere on a box, I'll pounce.  For some reason, I'm really drawn to cards from 1992.  Not so much that they're all great, mostly because thats when I really started collecting cards.  Oh, nostalgia.

What do these three cards have in common?  At one point in their careers, they were on the Padres.  Ozzie, of course, started off in San Diego, until he was involved in the trade with St. Louis that brought us Garry Templeton.  Greg Vaughn was a part of the best Padres outfield ever in 1998, the year they went to the World Series (Vaughn in left, Steve Finley in center, Tony Gwynn in right).  And Bud Black is currently the manager of the Pads.  I have a whole binder dedicated to players who were Padres but weren't actually Padre cards.  It's pretty fun to put those together, to think of what happened before/after they were in San Diego.

Anyways, came across this, a commercial for the 92 Pinnacle set.  We didn't have cable when I was a kid, so I missed out, but they were able to hook me in regardless.  Wonder how great Rickey Henderson thought this commercial was...


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