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Monday, April 23, 2012

Farewell Pudge

Today Ivan Rodriguez calls it quits in Arlington, where he started his professional baseball career as a 19 year old.  I was a huge fan of Ivan's growing up, being a catcher in Little League and Pony League.  I was a pretty lousy hitter once they started throwing breaking balls, but I was a good catcher and had a strong arm, so I always dreamed that I'd be able to gun runners down like Rodriguez one day.

I'd call him a first ballot HOF'er, but I don't know how much being surrounded by the steroid culture in Texas will hurt his cause.  13 Gold Gloves?  Something like 46% caught stealing percentage for his career.  Certainly passes the eye test.  I can't imagine any of those 'roided out hulks crouched down for half the game and still being halfway decent.  But I might also just be a Pudge homer.

I wonder who is more widely known as "Pudge", Rodriguez or Fisk?  Fisk was on the tail-end of his career when I was a kid, so Rodriguez was the one who I followed more, but Fisk would probably (definitely?) be the better known.

I pulled this card a few days ago from a couple of packs of 1992 Topps Stadium Club.  I have a bunch of well-worn cards from '92, and the TSC from that year is one of my favorites, both from a photography as well as a nostalgia standpoint.  Sometimes the photos seemed a little dark or they cut out some of the action, but there were some really good shots thrown in there.  I really like that there isn't a border around the card, although it made it easy to see if there was any damage to the sides and corners, so most of the ones I have from when I was eight are pretty beat up.  Thought it'd be a good time to cover it, since it's my most recent I-Rod acquisition.

LOVE this shot of the old Comiskey Park.  I've never been there, but I have
been to the new US Cellular Field, and it surprised me to see that they kept
the same theme on the scoreboard.
Griffey cards in '92 were like gold.
Not really a Griffey fan, but really
like this one

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