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Friday, April 20, 2012

Chasing Everybody

Well, I wasn't expecting the Padres to have  GREAT year, but I was hoping they'd start of a little better than 3-11.  After a series opening loss to the Phils (2-0, only managing to scrap together four hits), the Padres future this season is looking pretty bleak.  Cameron Maybin has struggled out of the gate, their middle infielders are looking aged, and the pitching has dropped off since Mat Latos, Aaron Harang, Mike Adams, and Heath Bell have left.

However, one of the bright spots in the Padre lineup has been Chase Headley.

A lot of people have had it in for Chase after failing to live up to the hype (a la Sean Burroughs) the past few years.  He's looking to change some minds this year, it seems.  After hitting only four HRs last year, Chase has equaled that total in the first 14 games.  He leads the Padres in most offensive categories (not as difficult as it might be on other teams, but still) and is batting a robust .292 after going hitless in the first three games of the season (broke the drought with a grand slam as they also won their first game, 8-4 against the Dodgers).

On top of having a sweet 2011 Allen & Ginter card, Chase is a pretty nice guy.  My brothers and I went to Padres spring training this year, and he was the first one out of the dugout before the game signing autographs.  I'll post about that trip (and the autographs we - mostly my little brother - got) later.

Ironically (or coincidentally?  not sure) for having a first name like Chase, Headley has proven to be a pretty selective hitter this year, garnering 11 walks so far.

Hopefully the Pad Squad can turn it around tomorrow against... Cole Hamels?  I've found myself rooting against the Twins the past few games just so that the Padres don't have the worst record in baseball, but it's a long season, hopefully we won't be chasing the third place team come summer time (Get it?  CHASE-ing?  Because his name is CHASE Headley?  Oh, you missed it because you didn't read all the way down to the end... missed out...)

BTW, this is my only Chase Headley card, and if you have any others that are looking for good homes, let me know, we can try to work something out.

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