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Saturday, April 28, 2012

2 = Better Than 1

The Padres haven't been known as an offensive juggernaut since... I don't know... ever?  I guess in 1998 they had some pop, with Greg Vaughn and Ken Caminiti (Steve Finley and Tony Gwynn obviously weren't slouches either), but the Padres of more recent memory succeed when their pitching is shutting the opposition down and the offense manages to scrape together a few runs.

During this time, they've gone through a plethora of hitting coaches (apparently, it's been their fault that the Padres couldn't hit), including Dave Magadan, Wally Joyner, and Randy Ready.   This year, they have apparently decided that the problem might not necessarily be quality, but quantity.  They've promoted Phil Plantier from the minors and brought in Alonzo Powell to be the assistant hitting instructor.

I'm not saying that the team has done great offensively, or even very good.  However, here's me looking on the bright side:

  • They've only been shut out twice so far.
  • Chase Headley is off to a hot start, already matching the number of HR's he had all last season (4).
  • Yonder Alonso leads the squad with 7 2B's, something we'd been hearing that he was capable of doing.
  • Nick Hundley, after a miserable start of 0-21, has gone on a 15 for 38 tear (.395), raising his average to .254.
  • Orlando Hudson is on a 10 game hit streak that nobody saw coming, silencing the critics (for now).
 Don't know much about Powell, but I remember Phil back when he played for the Pads in the 90's.  Don't remember him being a particularly good hitter, but I thought his cards looked good.  His best year was in 1993, when he hit 35 HRs and had 100 RBI with a .240 average.  He ended his eight year career with a .243 average and 91 HRs.  I really love the brightness of the colors from the 1993 Upper Deck set, with the exception of the Florida Marlins cards.  The colors were so bright, they almost hurt your eyes.  Havta take a look at those here on the blog further down the road.

Hopefully the offense can continue improving and win their first series this weekend against San Francisco.  As I type this, they are ahead 1-0 against Tim Lincecum in the top of the 6th.  Seriously loving that Hundley has found his groove at cleanup.

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