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Monday, October 20, 2014


So yesterday, I posted my findings from my first foray into 2014 Topps Update.  However, a few days before finding it, I went to the Target near me and, after not seeing any Update, settled for a rack pack of Donruss Series Two.  While I'm not really a big fan of this year's Donruss design, the inserts look pretty cool.

I have a page worth of Padres Diamond Kings from the 80s/90s, with a Chase Headley from this year's set included.  I guess Jedd Gyorko was included in the Diamond Kings set for Series 2, but I didn't get that one.  I got somebody named Manny Machado.  Meh.

Let's take a look at a base card.  This one is salvageable because a) star power, b) even though it's photoshopped, it's obvious that this is the White Sox retro uniform, and c) RATED ROOKIE!!!

Even with a less than stellar design, there are still some cards that are at least worth looking at.

Inserts, huh?  Let's look at a few more.  "The Rookies" actually look pretty good in my opinion, even though they're closer to an actual 80s Donruss card than anything else you'll find.  While I'm not much of a fan of late 80s Donruss, I like seeing modern players in the design.  I like the idea with the Studio cards, especially with a brand like Panini who doesn't have a license.  I think I've seen a few other cards like this that I liked, but this one of Joey Bats doesn't move the needle too much for me.

As is usually the case, the big hit of the rack pack for me was a Padre.  But not just any Padre - my favorite current Padre.  While it wasn't anything fancy (just the base card), it turned out that it was very needed.  I already had all of the parallels (well, at least the ones that I'm aware of), but all I was lacking was the lousy base card.

Here are the aforementioned parallels.  The two on top are the gold and silver Press Proofs.  On the bottom are the Season and Career Stat Lines.  A 3.55 career ERA isn't anything spectacular, but after a pretty good season in 2014, that's been lowered to a 3.25 (3.06 overall as a Padre, after beginning his career as a Cub).  His WHIP in 2013 of 1.131 was also bested in 2014, down to 1.127.  I don't know enough about WHIP to know if that's substantial or not.

Overall, Donruss is more miss than hit with me.  I really liked last year's Pinnacle set and wanted to see how they'd change it this year, but it looks like it was not to be.  Still, I like to show Panini a little love in hopes that they keep on working to pick away at the Topps monopoly.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Well, I finally tracked down some Topps Update here in my corner of central Texas.  Does it sound weird to call it a "corner" if I live right smack dab in the middle of the state?  Maybe.  Poor word choice isn't a great way to start off a blog post I guess, but we'll press on.

After checking a few days in a row at the Walmart in town (and having no luck - as of this post they still don't have any), I happened to be near a Target a few towns over and stopped in to check what they had.  BINGO!  I was in business.

I know that Update is pretty much the exact same release as Series 1 & 2, but hey, it's a new checklist, and the idea of seeing guys in new uniforms is appealing to me.  Rookies cards?  I dunno, not big on my list of wants, but I'm sure that there's somebody who's happy to see Marcus Stroman's rookie card.  Me, I'll be adding it to the binders because there need to be more guys in the majors named Marcus.

With any purchase of cards, my main goal is to acquire as many Padres as possible.  Buying packs is the least effective way to do this, and this venture was no exception.  In fact, there would be no players in Padre uniforms at all.  Bummer.  However, I did pull this Kyle Blanks card, which is equal parts awesome and sad.  Awesome because, hey, it's Kyle Blanks, "The 88 Train" as he was known among Padre diehards.  And awesome because it was his first card in his new A's uniform.  Sad, however, because it reminded me of how much I liked him as a Padre and I kinda miss the guy.

Oh, and I felt like adding this card of Adrian Nieto because I'm a big fan of those White Sox uniforms.  I have a few others featuring those from this year's Topps set, I need to see how many there are and get the rest of them.  Spectacular.

If anybody ever opens a pack of Update without pulling an All Star card, let me know.  I'm pretty sure it's impossible.  While I think that they go a little overboard with the All Stars they include, I have a hard time saying no to the major names being added to the list, like Mike Trout, Jose Abreu, and… wait… Tyson Ross?  A guy who didn't even play in the All Star Game?

Well, I can't say that I wasn't pleased to see that he made the cut, though maybe a little odd since he didn't pitch at all.  Probably would've preferred seeing another Padre on the checklist who is still waiting for their first shot at a Topps card (Nick Vincent, Jesse Hahn, Odrisamer Despaigne, Kevin Quackenbush, Alex Torres, Dale Thayer, Jake Goebbert, Chris Nelson, etc.), but that's a subject for a different blog post.  Oh, but my claim that there were no players in Padre uniforms is true - that's an All-Star uniform.

The Yoenis Cespedes trade was, for me, the most shocking of the trade deadline.  Didn't see that one coming, but thought that it was great to see the A's go all in on 2014.  Looking back now at how the acquisitions of Jeff Samardzija and Jon Lester panned out, I wonder if any of their fans have any regrets.

 Oh, I busted a hanger box of the stuff, and it seemed like for every parallel card I pulled, I also pulled the base card as well.  In this case, however, I pulled three versions of the same card.  Even though the first Yo card I posted showed him in his Red Sox uniform, this card shows him as an Athletic (shown on the side of the card).  Kinda weird that there is no team logo on the bottom, just the All Star logo.  Pretty sure that the most recent releases had both on them.

I only got one of those "red hot foil" cards.  This is what it looks like.  One of the reasons I grabbed a hanger box was because I wanted to see if they had the "hanger box" only parallels like Series 1 (yellow) and Series 2 (burnt orange) did.  They don't.

Here are some pretty boring inserts.  Maybe these would be less boring if they were Padres instead of whoever they have on here, but I doubt it.  Pretty uninspired designs, if you ask me, but I think Topps used all of it's creativity for the "SaberStars" inserts.   

Wait a second!  I kinda like these, even if there aren't any Padres.  Lots of different colors, no border, good photography.  Alright Topps, I'll give this one to ya.

While the lack of Padres was disappointing, I still came away with a few keepers.  The Blanks, Nieto, and Stroman cards are binder-worthy, while the rest are going into the trade box.  However, the best of the box was this Kurt Suzuki card.  I already am a fan of Suzuki for being a catcher and for going to Cal State Fullerton at the same time as me (I was a freshman, he was a senior, and I never even went to a game, but that's still something, right?).  But it's been a while since I've been able to add to my "kids on cards" mini collection.  While most of the ASG cards were pretty boring (lots of standing around, wearing ugly uniforms shots from what I've seen so far), this one definitely stood out.

Will I be picking more up?  I guess maybe another rack pack before I call it a day, but this comes pretty close to whetting my appetite for "new" Topps cards.  At the end of the day, I'm still not crazy about the design, and there are more efficient ways to get Padres.

Has anybody else found it near them?  Or are you still waiting?  Maybe you just dont care?  I've already picked up a few cheap parallels off eBay, but if anybody pulls any cards of Yangervis Solarte or Chris Denorfia, let me know.  Base cards of Padres are cool too, I plan on getting the small Padres team set via blogger/reader trades, as is usually the case.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Players Players Players

Of the three trade packages that rolled into Backstop HQ last week, there were a lot of similarities.  The most exciting of these similarities was that each contained additions to my player collections.  Best of all - new Steve Finley cards.

On Topps' twitter feed yesterday, they asked who we would like to see get a "Fan Favorite" autograph in next year's Archives set.  I picked Archi Cianfrocco, who I'm sure has no chance, but I really would like to see Steve Finley get a shot at it.  The reason I didn't nominate him was that I didn't want to see him in another uniform.  He has an auto in a Panini set as a Diamondback, which is just gross.

Fortunately, in this trade package from Mark over at Remember The Astrodome included a card of my childhood baseball hero as I remember him best: a Padre.

On a Pinnacle card, no less!  I love Pinnacle, though the longer they were around, the more confusing it is to keep track of what set is what.  While I prefer cards featuring Fins with a glove in the field, this one still looks pretty sweet.  

Oh, and every package had Gwynn's galore, so that was also rad.  Here are six sizzling slabs of Gwynn cardboard.  I almost passed on the oddball in the bottom middle because I thought I already had it, but it turns out that there are a quite a few Tony Gwynn cards in the 1990 Starline set.  Now I've got two of them.  I'm also digging the mini Gwynn on the left.  Interesting how all of these cards show Tony in different uniforms.

Here's a trio of Bruce Ruffin cards.  It turns out that I already had the one in the middle, but I needed the ones on either side of it.  I especially love the one on the left, since I love anything that has to do with 1993 Upper Deck.  The Circa card has a quote from Ruffin that mentions how he likes being a reliever because he comes to the ballpark knowing that he might get in the game that night.  I read an article on ESPN.com a few days ago that quoted an Orioles bullpen guy as saying that they were all "failed relievers".  Ruffin started 152 games the first eight years of his career, and none the last four, so I guess you can decide for yourself if that quote applies here.

This is what a Topps coin looks like when you scan it.  Shoulda just used an actual camera.  I think these are really cool, but am kinda stumped on a good way to store these.

We'll round it out with a few non-Padres, but some pretty awesome cards nonetheless.  Scott Radinsky is, well, rad, and just look at that Benito card.  I think I might have to admit that, besides his '91 Topps card, all of his cards looked better once he left the Padres.  Most, if not all of it, has to do with the photography and shift in quality from the late 80s to the mid 90s.  Metal Universe cards are kind of hit and miss, but this one is definitely spot on.

One of the reasons I loved the Radinsky card (besides the cursive "C" on the hat that I really liked about those late 80s/early 90s Sox uniforms), is that on the back, it references his band Scared Straight. Due to his baseball career, he parted ways with the band, who had renamed themselves Ten Foot Pole. He formed Pulley, who I first heard on some late 90s/early 00s Epitaph records compilations.  Good stuff.  As far as I'm aware, this is the only card that references his music career.  I forgot to scan it before I put it in a binder, so here's a pirated image from comc.com.

Thanks a ton Mark!  Lots of great stuff, and it's good to have a guy to trade Astros with.  Hopefully you were able to use some of the ones I sent as well.  I really need to get down to Houston for a game - I have lived here for almost five years and haven't been to a big league game in Texas.  Next year the Padres play the Rangers in Arlington, so I think I'm going to grab the Friar robe and make the drive up the 35.  Still, Houston is the stadium that I think I'd rather see, so I'll have to try to work in a trip down there as well.

I guess I'm planning on living here indefinitely, so there's not too much of a rush.  Maybe they'll be a playoff contender by the time I make it down there!

They had a better record than the Rangers this year, so they've got that going for them.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Gray GWYNNsday

It seems like the baseball card blogosphere is a pretty geographically diverse community.  I suppose there might be a little more on the coasts, but over all, it seems like we're pretty spread out.  I know of a few bloggers in Texas, like me, but I've sent out trade packages to a decent number of states.

Well, I'm not sure what the weather is like in the neck of the woods that you happen to call home, but here in central Texas, things are looking pretty dreary.  Clouds, rain, that kinda stuff.

Being raised in San Diego, I remember the handful of days a year it would rain and think, "Man, this is so depressing.  I can't believe that I was born in Oregon and if I still lived there, I would have to get used to this."  Fortunately (well, depending on how you look at it), it rarely rained, so I kept right on smiling right through the mild seasons.

Here in Texas, however, I've come to love the fall.  I'm not one of those people who says "Oh my!  I just need my seasons!"  Baseball season is the only season I care about, I don't really have a preference as far as the rest of them are concerned.  However, getting a break from the oppressive summer heat is a nice change of pace, and I've enjoyed it so far.

Alright, are we done talking about the weather?  Seriously, why did I just write three paragraphs about it?

You're losing it man, pull it together!

Moving on, the subject of today's GWYNNsday...

This appears to be a spring training shot of Mr. Padre, though it seems like we're looking at some possible April showers in the background.  Guess it kinda matches the gray border.  While this isn't my favorite Collector's Choice design, I love the photo.  Great bat barrel shot.

This card came my way via Bru, of the blog Remember the Astrodome.  Big Astros fan, that guy.  Fellow Texan as well.

For a card that came out seventeen years ago, you'd think I'd already have this one by now.  But, it wasn't until it came up from Houston that I was able to slide it into a page and catalog it.  Just goes to show.

This Gwynn pulls me pat 575 in the collection.  THAT is pretty impressive. 

Big thanks to all my trade partners who have pitched in.  You guys rule.

Oh, I'll post the rest of Bru's cards tomorrow.  Lots of good stuff there, too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Infield Fly Cards

As mentioned in yesterday's post, I received three trade packages from new trading partners last week.  Here is the second package, from Adam over at Infield Fly Rule.  It looks like he's been blogging since the beginning of the year, but has only recently been making trades in the blogosphere.

It was actually reading his first trade post that I wrote and said "FIRST?  Let's keep that ball rolling."

Or something like that.  What I actually wrote was probably less annoying, since he sent me a ton of cards.  I am pretty low on Rockies, which is the team he follows and collects, so I had to be creative with what I sent back.  Hopefully he like it, or at the very least, he can use it for the trades that he continues to make.

But enough of that, here's what he sent to me.  That's what you're here for, right?

One of my favorite cards from this package was one that Adam was the most curious about.  In the note he sent, he asked (again, paraphrasing), "Why Bruce Ruffin?"

As you may have noticed, on my "Want List" link, I have a list of players I collect, and while he's far from a "top tier" guy, I like to get Ruffin cards from his Rockies days.  I think I almost have enough for a whole page, which is really all that I'm looking for.

The reason that I want Bruce Ruffin cards as a Rockie is because he was the pitcher that gave up Tony Gwynn's 2,000th hit - a game that I was at and happened to coincide with my ninth birthday.

While I have a few Nolan Ryan cards (who gave up Tony's 1,000th hit), I'm kind of interested in getting a few Gabe White cards - another Rockies pitcher, one who gave up Tony's 3,141st hit, the last in his career.  The pitcher who gave up Tony's last home run is actually still in the majors - Joe Beimel, who was a rookie with the Pirates and is now with the Mariners.

Speaking of Mr. Padre, here are a few that were needed in my Gwynn binder.  I coulda sworn that I already had that Pinnacle card, but upon further review, it was needed.  For a few years, Pinnacle and Ultra were neck and neck as my favorite card brands, but I think Pinnacle probably edged it out in the end.  I think I have four cards from the '96 Ultra set, so it had that going for it.

Oh yeah, are the playoffs going on right now?  I'm rooting for the Royals (hey, I jumped on the bandwagon at the beginning of the postseason, way before you guys who are doing it now!), but I'll be happy with any team from the AL winning it.  Cardinals and Giants?  Thanks but no thanks.  While I'd probably rather not see a NL West team, the Cardinals have always destroyed the Padres in the postseason.  Every year the Padres make the playoffs, they either lose to the Cardinals or win the pennant.  Why am I saying this again?  Oh, Andy Benes played for the Cardinals for a little bit.  Needless to say, I preferred it when he was a Friar.

Steve Finley played for a bunch of teams, including every team in the NL West.  EVERY TEAM.  Think about that for a second.  Can you imagine somebody playing for the Red Sox and the Yankees? And then turn around and play for the Orioles, Blue Jays, and Rays?  Me neither.  But Steve Finley started off his career in Baltimore and then headed west, stopping in Houston before going to San Diego, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Colorado.  Oh, and he was an Angel somewhere in there as well.

I mentioned in my last post that Darin Erstad isn't very photogenic.  Maybe it's hard to look good while you're chugging it down to first base, but at least the card on the far right shows a pretty good follow through.

Alright, after my feelings shone through about the NLCS, I guess I'll mention that the ALCS teams are pretty good in my book.  There are quite a few Orioles that I'm a fan of, though more of the former variety (Cal Ripken and Jim Palmer, though Adam Jones is good in my book as well).  Jeremy Guthrie is a former Oriole who is now in Kansas City.  He's their #4 starting pitcher, and with the way KC is not losing and the number of days off in the playoffs, he may never see action.  But at one point, he led the Orioles with a 3.63 ERA.

BENITO!!!  Eyes closed!!!

Here are four non-Padres that also rule.  Early 90's Leaf had some boring designs, but that Goose Gossage shot is great.  Being a Padre fan for my whole life, my love affair with the 2005 White Sox was pretty intense.  Living in Chicago for two years had a lot to do with it, but I can see a less-intense love forming with this year's Royals.  Seriously, please win this thing.  Do it for Bip.

Here's a couple of pages of Padres that made it into the Miscellaneous Padres binder.  When all of my miscellaneous Padres (ones that don't fit into player collections or team sets that I want to finish) used to fit into one binder, it was my favorite binder, hands down.  Now it's grown to two binders and really needs a third, both are filled to the brim.

Mark Davis won a Cy Young Award!  That's a big deal.  I'm kind of surprised that I haven't made '94 Topps Stadium Club an addition to the Team Set binder - I love that set.  Trevor Hoffman seems like a guy that should be in a player collection, but I don't know, I guess I'm not a fan of his later cards.  Can't get enough of the 90s goodness, but not a fan of the 00s, though that's not his fault.  He has an even 100 cards in the MP binder, easily the most of any player.

I coulda sworn that I already had that Bip.  '91 Donruss, really?  I love Jake Peavy cards from his rookie year, when the Padres still had the orange and white "SD" on the hat.  This is my first Keith Moreland card as a Padre, which is cool, since I listen to him when he calls games for the Texas Longhorns baseball team.  The Klesko card is probably the most visually interesting of the bunch (though the Reed post-double play shot looks cool too), and I love me some X Nady.

Adam had a pretty good eye for Padre cameos as well - as did the photographers for Upper Deck in 1990.  Not surprising, seeing as how Upper Deck was founded in Carlsbad, just a bit north of San Diego.  All the Padres on the base paths are wearing home whites, so I'm guessing that UD got a lot of work down when teams came to play at Jack Murphy.

Seeing as how Adam is a big Rockies fan, this was kind of cool for him to send (though I'm assuming it was a double, since I gotta think most Rockies fans really love Todd Helton.  Cool shot of the Padres home dugout.

Thanks again Adam!  Really fun box of cards to dig through!  There were obviously a bunch of dupes, but I've been passing them out to my first graders on Friday and they've loved them.  I was running low last week, but that shouldn't be a problem now.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Stacks and Stacks

Over the summer, I really hit a lull in trade packages.  You know, during the time of year when a teacher has the most… uh, time.  Then, all of a sudden, school is in full swing, and I have three packages from brand new trading partners all in the same week!  Crazy!

The first of this trio is from Ryan over at the Card Stacks blog.  He's been writing for a few months now and has some cool stuff to say about 90s cards, which is right up my alley.  I sent him as many Braves and Orioles as I could scrounge up, and here's what he sent in return.

Being a Braves fan, he had a surplus of Ryan Klesko cards.  I've said it before, I'm not a big Klesko fan, and I already have more cards of him than I feel like I really want, but I can't pass up a good Padre card when I see one, and Ryno has graced many a good Padre card.

I know that bloggers have mentioned "pitcher face", when an pitcher is straining awkwardly mid-pitch. Not sure I've seen many who have discussed "sliding face".  Even though it's a profile shot, Klesko definitely looks interesting here.  This will be filed along with the rest of my Jack Murphy Stadium palm tree collection.

I love Heritage, and if there's one thing that my Padre collection is lacking (in terms of recent cards), it'd be Heritage cards.  As far as I know, Marcus Giles is the only Padre who has had the same first name as me, so he's a guy that I like to see, and even though the idea of Heritage mixing with chrome seems weird, I like this Clay Hensley card.

Ok, seriously?  Ryan Klesko is a gnarly camouflage hat hitting balls off a tee?  Yeah, no way I'm letting that one go.  It's been a while since I got a new-to-me Khalil Greene card, and this card was probably my favorite of the package.  If you type "Craig Breslow" into google.com, the second suggestion is "Craig Breslow smart".  I guess graduating from Yale with a degree in molecular biophysics and biochemistry will do that.

At first, I thought that these cards were the same, but had different colored borders.  But, for whatever reason, there are two different Tim Stauffer cards in the 2004 Bazooka set.  For Padres fans who like painful news, this Padres long relief guy has the most career WAR of any Padres 1st round pick (4.1, chosen in 2003) since Khalil Greene (8.4 career WAR, chosen in 2002).  While I'm excited about the potential of the current crop of Padres prospects, history prevents me from getting too excited.

Plucked from the same set as the Khalil Greene card above, here's a new-to-me Darin Erstad card.  While not the most photogenic athlete, I can always appreciate a new Erstad.  I need to check my lists and see who has more cards, Erstad or Steve Finley.  It was pretty close, last time I checked.  The Tony Gwynn collection still trumps it, though, and it's not really close.

We'll close it out with three non-Padre cards, all from different Heritage sets.  I only have two cards of Steve Finley's post-San Diego days.  Even though it was a while ago, it still hurts that he left and signed with the Diamondbacks of all teams.  But man, these Heritage cards look killer.  I especially dig the 2005 World Series Champion patch on Paul Konerko.  Paulie!  Oh, and My Man Chris Denorfia, who is wearing what I hope is a photoshopped had, because that brim looks… interesting.

Speaking of Deno, guess who's made it onto the checklist for 2014 Topps Update?  I was actually hoping for one more Padres card, just for old times' sake.  But, I guess they call it Update for a reason, right?  Hopefully that's his only card as a Mariner and the next time we see him on a card, he'll be a Padre.

Hey!  A guy can hope, right?

Thanks a lot again for the cards, Ryan!  Go check out his blog if you haven't already!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trying To Finish Breakfast

Last week, I came across a post by Tom over at the Angels In Order (who also happens to be a fellow Texan, though I'll assume he's been here longer than my 4 plus years) in which he showed off every Kellogg's card of a California Angel that had been made.

I thought to myself, "Self, that is pretty rad.  You should do that too."

As I embarked upon my journey, I realized that, though these cards were decades old, the fact that I was in search of Padres made my task, well, much easier.  Of those on the "checklist", the only "big" names are Dave Winfield and Ozzie Smith, so this shouldn't be too hard to complete.  Right?

I started off with four in my collection:
1970 Ollie Brown
1971 Nate Colbert
1980 Dave Winfield
1983 Garry Templeton

By my count, there are 18 different cards, spanning from 1970 to 1983 (14 years).  I've made all of the "cheap" purchases I could find off eBay, which bring me to a total of 10, so I'm already halfway done with this mini project already.  Since I've already shown off the above four cards on the blog already, here are the recent additions to the Kellogg's collection.

1973 - Nate Colbert
While Ollie Brown was the first Padre on a Kellogg's card, but Nate Colbert was the Padres first star.  He still holds the Padres franchise lead for home runs, and unless Adrian Gonzalez rejoins the Padres at some point, I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Unlike most of the Kellogg's cards, this one is not 3-D.  Regardless, I still like the design, and those yellow and brown Padres uniforms are killer.

1977 - Dave Winfield & Randy Jones
If there is one issue with collecting the Kellogg's 3-D cards, it's the cracking that can occur.  While the little bit that has happened with the Randy Jones card on the right, the Dave Winfield card looks pretty mangled.  I'm not normally a stickler for condition, but if I found a cheap upgrade, I'd probably pick it up.  Of all of the designs of the cards in this post, this is the one that I like the most.  I really love that RJ card.

1979 - Gaylord Perry & Bill Almon
There were only a few years when the Padres had more than one card in a Kellogg's set.  While it makes it a little easier to get them all, it's kind of a bummer, though.  Here's a pretty good example of why it didn't happen very much.  Gaylord Perry was a stud, winning Cy Young Awards in the American and National Leagues, so his inclusion isn't surprising.  But Bill Almon?  36 homers in a 15 year… isn't great.  He had .252/.308/.309 slash line in '78, which was apparently enough to merit a card in 1979.  Did I mention that the Padres were bad for a really long time?

1981 - Dave Winfield
Look at all those stars!  Just in case you weren't aware, this set is for SUPER STARS.  I guess I wasn't aware that Winfield was a Padre when orange was introduced as a secondary uniform color.  Looks good.  This is the biggest Kellogg's card I have, which is just a standard baseball card size, while the rest vary.  Usually, they're the same height or slightly smaller, but are not as wide as a standard card.

Well, those are the ones that I have so far.  All that's left are:
1971 Cito Gaston
1972 Nate Colbert
1972 Dave Roberts
1974 Nate Colbert
1975 Johnny Grubb
1976 Randy Jones
1978 Dave Winfield
1982 Ozzie Smith

I found an eBay seller who has six of them that I could snag for nine bucks and change, including the combined shipping, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.  Trying to limit my card buying activity, and the beginning of a quest is an easy time to go nuts.  The only one that I haven't found a good price for is the '71 Cito Gaston.

Does anybody else have a collection of Kellogg's cards?  Of all the oddballs from the 70s/80s, they're easily my favorites.  Really wish that you could still get cards with your cereal.

Though I doubt there'd be any Padres.